Subject Access Requests

The right of access, commonly referred to as subject access, gives individuals the right to obtain a copy of their personal data as well as other supplementary information. It helps individuals to understand how and why you are using their data, and check you are doing it lawfully. The request for medical records can be made verbally or in writing. A form for written requests is produced at the end of this policy.

There is no charge for the information unless the request is excessive or repetitive. In this case a reasonable fee based on the administrative cost can be charged. Excessive/repetitive requests can also be refused but must be advised to the requester along with how they can complain.

Requests for health records information should be recorded internally and fulfilled within 1 month of receipt. An extension by up to 2 months is possible for complex/numerous requests. This must be advised within a month of receipt, to the requester explaining why an extension is necessary.

There is no minimum age for children, to request subject access however the clinician should consider whether the child is mature enough to understand what it means to make a request for their information and how to interpret the information they receive as a result of doing so.

To make a Subject Access Request please print the request form and return to the practice. You will be contacted by the practice regarding consent to release the information requested. This information can then be collected from the practice within the 1 month timescale as stated under the GDPR.

For more information regarding Subject Access Requests please see the ICO website.

Practice leaflet for Subject Access Requests.